Our Difference

LCG’s focus resides in real estate marketing, development & investments.  Over 50 years of combined real estate experience guides us while pursuing only the highest quality property to buy or sell.  It is extremely important to us that we only offer premium real estate to our valued customers at extraordinarily affordable prices.

In our business, it’s about getting to know you and building trust. We realize it’s about walking the land with you and letting you experience the property first-hand. We work hard to find the right property that will match your needs. From title insurance to covenants to our guarantee of build-ability, we do everything possible to make your buying experience a positive one.

With today’s real estate market at one of its lowest points in decades, there are many fantastic investment opportunities. Whether you are looking for a place to retire, a second home, or a vacation property, LCG is here to guide the way. We look forward to helping you acquire the property that is right for you.

“You’re only as credible as the property you offer.” 


Going Green

At Lakewood Capital Group, we know we make our living off the land, and we strive to protect that land to the best of our abilities. When creating developments we selectively plan roads and infrastructure to minimize the impact on the environment and wildlife. Roads are designed to roll and flow with the terrain, minimizing any large cuts and fills and preserving the natural character of the land. Roads are planned to accent prominent land features such as rock outcroppings, streams, large trees, and to lessen the scarring of the natural landscape. Similarly, lot densities are planned to match the topography to avoid overcrowding. Property restrictions are created to decrease vegetation and tree removal during home construction and clear cutting property is strictly prohibited. Pavement areas are designed to reduce post development water runoff. Properties are most often constructed using local materials and suppliers. We will use our resources to protect our lands and our investments, now and in the future.


Philanthropy and Civic Involvement

We enjoy being able to give back to both our own community and those in which we do business.  Lakewood Capital Group aims to participate in philanthropical endeavors whenever possible, encouraging our employees to take time away to participate in these important activities.  Lakewood remains grounded in family values, the importance of hard work and giving back to the community.  Lakewood Capital Group and its employees are proud to be involved in the following charities:

 American Cancer Society


Boy & Girl Scouts of America

Calvary Chapel Knoxville

Cedar Springs

Cerebral Palsy Center

Children’s International Summer Villages

Children’s Memorial Hospital

Compassion International

Doberman Assistance Network

Fellowship for Christian Athletes

Focus on the Family

Forever Families

Gospel for Asia

Helen Ross McNabb Center

Horse Haven of Tennessee

Humane Society of United States


Marshall University Alumni Association

Minnesota Boxer Rescue

Nothing but Nets

The Puppy Mill Project

Salvation Army

Samaritan’s Purse

Step Up for Kids

Susan G. Komen Foundation

Thompson Cancer Survival Center Foundation

Toni & Trish House for the Care of the Terminally Ill

Tornado Disaster Relief, Kentucky

UT Athletics

World Vision

Wounded Warrior Project 




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